Share your Story: Dan Okello

Mr Daniel Otieno Okello, a lead volunteer at KAWE's Huruma Mathare Epilepsy clinic had his first seizure at the age of 13. He didn’t quite understand what it was since he only remembered being on [...]

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A Parent’s Journey: John Munuve Mutio.

To all the fathers who stayed in spite of things. In celebration of  father's day, we caught up with a father who stands above the rest in support of his daughter who has [...]

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  In her own words: Vallent Athiambo In the year 1990 on 23rd of January on a Saturday at around mid day, a beautiful baby girl was born in mission hospital in Migori District now [...]

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Winfred’s tight battle against Stigma towards epilepsy

As a person living with epilepsy, Winfred Wanja  has faced every kind of stigma in the book. She was shunned by people even before she knew she had epilepsy and on confirmation, more people exited [...]

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Alex Muli is Putting Epilepsy in the Picture

In commemoration of International Epilepsy Day, we asked people living with epilepsy, friends of KAWE to share their  story, in line with this year’s theme of putting epilepsy in the picture. After posting the story [...]

Kabemba Mwale is an epilepsy activist

Kabemba Mwale is an epilepsy activist , she shares her story below. “My name is Kabemba Mwale born 29th December 1982. I am the last born in a family of four children. I had my [...]

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