Attitude is all that matters.

To Daniel, epilepsy is not really an issue to be deliberated on, turned around and wondered at. It is what it is, thus the question is, what do we do from here?

Friendship is based on open and honest communication, not putting up appearances, so no sooner we start talking than we become great friends.
‘It’s all in the attitude,’ he tells me. He came on a motor bike and tells me not to be surprised, that is his side hustle.

Aren’t you afraid of falling off the motorcycle incase of a seizure.
‘I’ve fallen off the bike twice. But one time was my fault for riding at night on a road that I didn’t know well. It doesn’t mean only a seizure can cause me to have an accident.’
He believes that to survive this life one has to hustle and not worry so much about epilepsy, just ‘do your thing.’

Daniel started to have seizures early in life, but at the age of seven they reduced and the family thought he was now seizure free but they recurred.
‘I would be on and off medication. The medication as expensive and still I would have seizures at least once a month. My memory was affected. I would forget things, but that doesn’t mean I was a dunder- head. It’s just that incase a seizure occurred just before an exam, it would take me time to regain my memory.’

Daniel says his beigest challenge up to now is experiencing a seizure in front of strangers.
‘It’s not like I am too ashamed of the condition. It’s just that I a a private person and would rather if just a few friends and family knew about it. Epilepsy doesn’t give you that luxury though.’ He sighs.
In 2017 Daniel started to attend the KAREN clinic at KAWE.

‘I can honestly tell you that you people know what you are doing. Do you know I thought I even had heart problems? I had done and an EEG, and now wanted to go for MRI, a head scan, all of those but I’m glad your medical people calmed me down.’

He was put on medication and since then he has not experienced a seizure.
‘I have to say even the taste of the medication you give is different. I hate pills, I’d rather have an injection. But the medicine I got doesn’t make me want to throw up. I am also happy that I can get medication for up to six months, and so cheaply. Thank you KAWE.’
Daniel plans to visit South Africa and countries in the middle east when he finishes his secondary school schooling.

And as KAWE, we wish this young man good tidings, that he may keep encouraging others.