2015 has ended well for us here at KAWE, and a rather busy year we’ve had.
We have conducted trainings and carried out awareness campaigns which have positively improved the quality of medical care we provide to our patients. These awareness efforts have seen an increased number of new epilepsy cases reported at our clinics.
One of such new patients is Elizabeth, a form three student who has been coming to Huruma Lions Clinic since September 2015. Her mother Irene is happy to have found KAWE.

“Since we started coming to KAWE, her attacks have stopped completely. She used to get seizures twice a month.” She says, and explains it is a relief since her daughter’s studies are not affected as before.
“The awareness efforts also boost the morale of the patients.” Dan, a volunteer at Huruma Lions Clinic mentions.

Some of these awareness activities included the ‘Angaza Kifafa’ International Epilepsy Day held on 9th February 2015, and Purple Day which happened on 26th March in Kwale County.

Our clinicians have also been working with a Malindi based drama group in awareness events. Although at times finances may come between a patient and his medication; at Riruta Clinic, it has been observed there has been an increased return of former defaulters.

“I used to spend 2,000 Shillings a month on medicine for Irene, now my burden has been greatly reduced.” Irene, mentioned before observed.
It is our desire to maintain a subsidized cost for all the medicine distributed through our clinics.

We are grateful for the continued support from our sponsors. Their contribution enables us to focus on attending to the needs of our patients.

We look forward to another wonderful year of fighting Epilepsy.