To all the fathers who stayed in spite of things.

To all the fathers who stayed in spite of things.

In celebration of  father’s day, we caught up with a father who stands above the rest in support of his daughter who has epilepsy.

John Munuve Mutio is the father of Lilian Ndinda, one of our patients at Mathare Huruma Lions clinic.
We had chat when he came to pick up his daughter’s medication at the clinic.
This is how it happened:

“My wife called me to tell me that our daughter was having seizures. I said to her, bring her to Nairobi, I want to see and understand what you mean.”
The wife came to Nairobi, with the 14 year old in tow.
“I waited to see my daughter falling but she didn’t fall a single time they were here. So I sent them back home.
In the village Lilian continued to have fits, and it was only after Mr Munuve went back home after retirement that he observed the fits first hand.
“By now she would have even five fits in a day.”

They took her to the local Government hospital where she was given drugs. They were then later sent to Nairobi for further tests and scanning.
In Nairobi they got the same medication, but the seizures did not subside.

In all this desperation, he found a cousin and explained the problem his daughter was experiencing.
His cousin knew a woman who had had a similar problem.
“We met the woman, she was Luo. She explained to me about this clinic in Huruma. She told us that since she started going to the KAWE clinic her seizures had decreased. She even had a small snack business. She was now making mandazi for a living.
She told us that consistent medication had helped her to an extent of experiencing very mild seizures that last less than a second.”
‘In fact, usually I’m the only one who knows what is going on.’  The woman explained.

She then gave them directions to the KAWE Huruma Lions clinic, Mr Munuve’s cousin accompanied him.
“We found Dan(the lead volunteer at Huruma Lions) who explained the proceedure and made us feel at home.
The doctor we found here asked why I was the one that had brought my daughter and not her mother. I said it was my wife who asked me to come.”

After she was put on medication, the seizures reduced.

“Can you believe for three years she has not had a seizure? But the doctor said I should keep picking them up until they tell me to stop.”

We wish them well, and honor all the parents who are working hard to support their children living with epilepsy.