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Share your story: A second opinion helps.

David is the son of Henry a doting father who has no doubt figured out the secret of living a peaceful life in spite of challenges. Meeting them for a share your story session is a real pleasure. David was not born with epilepsy. His seizures started after he had a fall while playing with [...]

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Karen Epilepsy Facility Launch

In a move to improve health services at our Epilepsy clinics, KAWE has launched its second fully operative clinic at the Karen Health center. Previously, the clinic was been operating within the health center’s premises but now will have its own secluded and self sufficient area within the grounds, this is with support from Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF). Among the speakers were Dr Sahra Mohamed (Ministry of Health Langata  Sub-County), Mr Greg Miyanga (County Partnership Coordinator-Health services), Dr Owiti representing Dr Mahat J Mohammed(Chief Officer of Health services),  Ms Stella Chege (KCDF),  Mr David Moturi (National Council for The Persons with Disabilities), Ms Mary Kinyajui (In Charge of Karen Health Centre facility ) Mr Kitonyo (a  Community Health Workers’ representative, Langata) and KAWE’s member of the Board Mr K’Anjejo, As an introduction, Dr Mohammed talked about the goals that the Sub county health putting in pace in terms of surveillance, health and education, support of the Beyond zero campaign, TB patient coordination and follow up. She mentioned the fact that some programmes have been at a stall at the health center due to lack of space. Mr K’Anjejo next gave a brief of the existing epilepsy education gap which is the reason why in spite of the 5000 patients registered at the Karen clinic, only 2000 are active. KAWE has continued to counter this through continued health operator’s training, in order to gunner support in the case of defaulting patients. He raised the question of the best mode of assistance that can be accorded to people living with epilepsy. Is it by giving them jobs? He thanked the Nairobi County for provision of the grounds and had a request that just as funds are being driven into other immediate illnesses, the same be done for epilepsy. On behalf of KAWE he thanked the NCWPD for the partnership in registration of people with epilepsy and brought up the point of the need to adjust assessment practices. “A person with epilepsy may look as normal as the next person, so please consider that.” Mr Miyanga spoke about the different types of epilepsy and the need for parents to be very observant of their children. “The widely known type of epilepsy is status epilepticus which in most cases is as a result of mismanagement.” He also challenged the Kenyan public to do more to help epilepsy patients, “ there is no point of just staring at the person or recording a video to post on social media, help the person.” “Each one must do something worthwhile on earth before going to the grave.” He said. To KAWE, he exhorted them to ensure the anti- convulsants are available at the health center so they can be accessible even on non clinic days. Dr Owiti spoke on  the need for health centers to focus on the vulnerable in the society. He called on partners to support the epilepsy mandate along with a bill that will support the people on the ground, that is the Community Health Volunteers through provision of a monthly stipend. Mr Moturi spoke on the need for the media to pick up real stories such as this one, on the availability of weekly epilepsy clinics, of success stories of people with epilepsy patients. He called on Community Based Organizations (CBO’s), faith based organizations and individuals. “The fact is, international donors are pulling out, they know we can pull our weight. You don’t have to give much because even giving a person with epilepsy some cash for his bus fare  to the clinic or some lunch money makes you a donor.” Ms Kinyajui led the ribbon cutting and the revealing of the brand new facility. Looking forward to other great events such as these. picking up the reports Dr Owiti’s speech New beginnings are always better with cake.   […]

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Registration of people living with Epilepsy by the National Council for the People with Disabilities.

We are glad to announce that a substantial number of those that were assessed in May 2018 have been issued with the NCWPD cards. The issuing of these cards was held at the Karen epilepsy clinic on 12th September 2018. Mr David Muturi, a representative from the council launched the event by explaining the comprehensive benefits of being a registered member of the council, a few are listed below. Education support at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Provision of assistive devices for free Cash transfers for those with more than one form of disability Ksh 100, 000 for business start ups in group settings of 10 members and above. Tax exemption. No need to pay daily fee to Local Government for small businesses. Free parking on purchase of an annual  disability sticker valued at Ksh 100 from the council. It helps the Government to keep count of how many disabled people there are to be able to fairly distribute resources. He also explained what the card is not: It is not an ATM card, so don’t use it to withdraw money, nothing will come out It is not a NHIF card. It is not a mega rider card to pay your bus fare, so don’t give it to the bus conductor. There was caution on how to be a responsible card holder. The services that can be accessed by use of this card are for the card holder’s benefit only. It should not be used by anyone else under false pretense. The public has also been warned not to take advantage of a card holder’s benefits, it’s their right and the law is against such misuse. For us at KAWE, this is a breakthrough. Epilepsy in a family is a financial burden so we are always working hard to find every possible assistance our patients can acquire. Epilepsy does not only affect the sick member in a family, but the entire family both mentally and financially. Admittedly, in this first assessment session the criteria was not clearly defined, but Mr Moturi mentioned that in future their officers will put all matters into consideration in their assessment of people living with epilepsy. ‘Unlike many physical disabilities, epilepsy cannot be reviewed by a physical examination only,’ he noted. Mr. Moturi discussing the benefits of being a Disability Card holder. […]

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Seizure Free at last

Bouncing Back: Anthony’s story I was living a normal life as a bus driver for a catholic school. I also was achieving as an administrator handling cash receipts and deposits. I was also overseeing the casual laborers in the school. I would pick up the pupils in the morning and drop them off in the [...]

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Daniel Melanta

Attitude is all that matters. To Daniel, epilepsy is not really an issue to be deliberated on, turned around and wondered at. It is what it is, thus the question is, what do we do from here? Friendship is based on open and honest communication, not putting up appearances, so no sooner we start talking [...]

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Keep a child with Epilepsy in School

With support from Global Giving online fundraising, we  have been able to support eight school going kids on expensive medication to stay in school. In order to keep this initiative going, we are participating in this month's fundraiser. We welcome your donations. https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/keep-a-child-with-epilepsy-in-school/  

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NCWPD Assessment for people living with epilepsy

At the beginning of this month, KAWE achieved a milestone by collaborating with the National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD), to register people living with Epilepsy to the council. The total number of assessed persons from all the clinics was 291. In the past, this service has not been available to people living with [...]

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National Council for Persons with Disabilities Registration

KAWE has partnered with National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD) to carry out registration at the Health Centres. Tentative dates are Karen: 2nd May, Karen Health Centre 3rd May, Riruta Health Centre 4th May. Huruma Lions Clinic Bring your KAWE clinic card,2 passport size photos and a copy of ID. For minors, parents' ID [...]

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Keep holding on: To the parents that stand beside their children through good and bad times.

Parents are the strong holds that hold together this team. In this case, Anne is one of those mothers that keep holding on. In her own words: Wangeci has had this condition since she was born. At the age of one and half years, we took her to a hospital and she was started on [...]

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Riruta Epilepsy Clinic Officially Opened

‘Life is beautiful’, that was this year’s theme for the widely celebrated International Epilepsy Day. All over the world, different groups came together to mark this day. At KAWE, our commemoration was tied together with the official opening of the Riruta epilepsy clinic. Though it has been operating since 1986 under the County Health Centre [...]

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