Ways to Volunteer at KAWE

We are filled with gratitude for all the offers that we receive from people that would like to volunteer at KAWE.

One way we can work together is through awareness creation.

How to go about it

Please let us know your availability. Find out what target group you wish to reach with epilepsy awareness and KAWE shall provide you with an information pack which contains:

  • A teaching guide
  • Fliers
  • Educational books (comics for children, reading material for older people)

You will be required to provide a report of the number of people you have reached per a certain duration. Also; provide some pictures if any, of your sessions.

The more people we reach, the more Epilepsy will receive recognition as a Non- Communicable Disease. This has the potential to reduce the treatment gap. An estimated 80% of people with epilepsy in Kenya don’t know what they have is a medical condition that can be treated. This information needs to be spread for more people to seek the care!

Please feel free to reach us on our email: info@kawe-kenya.org. Or fill in the form below.


Volunteer Form