As in all the world; Purple day was celebrated in Kenya  on 26th March 2016, in association with Coast Epilepsy Organization(C.E.O)

This event which took place at Mvita Primary School, Mombasa was graced by parents, students, teachers and community members. Members of the Education Assessment Resources Centers (EARC) and Radio Rahma were also in attendance. The County Health Team was also present.

KAWE Officials presented awareness talks after which a question and answer session opened a forum for all to ask any questions. Such forums are wonderful opportunities to help clear doubts and gain new insight into Epilepsy care and treatment.
There were patients in attendance who gladly shared their experiences. Of course; it is different for everyone, challenges differ but one thing is common all around. Stigmatization for people with Epilepsy is rampart.
One of the girls that shared her experience explained how often she had to change schools; and in her third year  of secondary schooling,  she was completely kicked out school. She found work at a restaurant but lost the job due to a seizure attack.
This is just one documented case; there are more stories there. The purpose of commemorating purple day is to let these voices be heard.
The event that took the better half of the morning was interspersed with music and poetry by the lovely children in purple.
As we march forth this year, let us all support people living with Epilepsy. Let them know they are not alone.