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There are an estimated 1 million cases of Epilepsy in Kenya. There are over 600,000 deaf people in Kenya many of them affected by Epilepsy either as caregivers or patients. They lack access to medical services because information on Epilepsy is not available in Sign Language. KAWE wishes to create an Epilepsy basics Kenya Sign Language Video to be used in awareness creation over social media platforms and through training sessions where deaf people may be present.

There are an estimated 1,000,000 cases of epilepsy (prevalence of 2%) in Kenya, Epilepsy has an even higher prevalence among the deaf. The Kenya Disabilities Act of 2003 stipulates that qualified interpreters for the deaf are a requirement to assist them in education, employment or other services such as health care. Yet deaf people continue to face challenges in accessing medical care.

The deaf in Kenya communicate through Kenya Sign Language thus using the sign language video to reach them would be very effective. Media stations recognize this and will usually have a sign language interpreter for their television news broadcasts. KAWE’s Knowledge Sharing programme is geared towards providing awareness about Epilepsy for all. We therefore propose to create an Epilepsy Kenya Sign Language video, to be used in creating awareness among the deaf.