In the month of October , KAWE’s Programme Coordinator Ms Rosemary Gathara attended an e-learning course facilitated by YETU e-learning. The Yetu Initiative is a partnership with the Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF) and TechSoup on the development of an e-learning platform for Kenyan Civil Society Organizations.

The Effective Presentation Course focused on three main sections.

The first was about :

  • Knowing your purpose and audience
  • Giving a strong opening to the presentation
  • Creating an overall outline of the material to be presented.

The second section taught useful techniques  for using software such as PowerPoint.  It gave practical tips and tricks on how to create slides that really reinforce and enhance presentation, instead of distracting from it.
The third section helped in delivery and developing confidence and credibility when addressing an audience.

Rosemary feels the course was very educative and is eager to share the lessons with the rest of the KAWE team.