In order to reach the communities, KAWE has a workforce made up of volunteers who penetrate the communities to sensitize people about Epilepsy.
In Nairobi, we have volunteers in the three locations where our clinics are located. Riruta, Huruma and Karen.

We go to where the people are. We attend Chiefs’ Baraza’s, Community Day meetings, College Counseling Sessions and everywhere else we may get invited.
The reason for this is to bring out Epilepsy out of the hospital setting and get people talking about it wherever they may be found.

Grassroots awareness efforts have brought about much response from the people we talk to. It is at these sessions that we get to meet people who have friends and relatives living with Epilepsy. Some get to hear about Epilepsy for the first time during these sessions.

Among the topics covered in these meetings include:

What causes Epilepsy?
How can you give first Aid to someone that is having a seizure?
Why is the hospital the best place to diagnose Epilepsy?

In Kenya, many people still associate Epilepsy with witchcraft, demon possession, a worm in the brain, or an inherited curse. KAWE is doing all we can to educate and effect change.