On 8th February 2016, the second edition of Epilepsy Guidelines was launched.
This was in association with local and international Epilepsy care and treatment bodies.
The main goal of epilepsy management is to help individuals with epilepsy as well as their families gain knowledge, treatment and support.

This step by step guide is also useful to health workers to assist them to provide optimal care.
The recommendations are up to date, and expected to achieve harmonized Epilepsy treatment for Doctors, Clinical Officers, Nurses and other members of the health care community.

A summary of the principles are noted below. You may also Download the PDF Epilepsy Guidelines 2016

Principles of Management of Epilepsy

First, the diagnosis is confirmed.
This is achieved, through a discussion of the individual’s history such as a witness account of two or more unprovoked seizures more than 24 hours apart in a year.
Medication is then started to control seizures and improve the quality of life with minimum side effects.

Treatment should start with one drug, and adjustments follow.

Withdrawal of drugs

This is considered when the patient has been seizure-free for two to three years, and performed well gradually over three to six months.