At the beginning of this month, KAWE achieved a milestone by collaborating with the National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD), to register people living with Epilepsy to the council. The total number of assessed persons from all the clinics was 291.
In the past, this service has not been available to people living with epilepsy on such a grand scale. Even though a number of people living with epilepsy have personally registered themselves with the council,  the majority don’t have the card and most are not even aware that  they are eligible for the NCPWD card.
So why do people living with epilepsy need to be registered? Who is considered to be a person with disability? If an individual cannot function at optimum without a certain drug or assistive device, then they are a person living with a disability.
By registering, one stands to benefit from services available to people living with disability. One good example is Tax exemption, Job Security and even consideration for Government Tenders.
This drive was an initiative of KAWE for registered patients, but all wishing to register can get assessed at any public level four or level five hospital.

KAWE wishes to thank the council for the collaboration. We look forward to extending the services to more parts in the country.